1. Best I Can

From the recording Long Way From Home

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Best I Can

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Best I Can
Tim Mueting Copyright © 2009

A long time ago, out on the run
Headed south, down highway seventy one
I was looking for a brand new start

Stuck in between the noise and a song
Somewhere in between the right and the wrong
It was all that I could not to fall apart


Momma don’t you worry, now don’t you fret
Don’t give up on your boy, no, not just yet
The time is gonna come, gonna make my stand
Gotta find my way, as best as I can

From the corn fields of Iowa to New Mexico
The Arizona Sun to the California Coast
I never looked back at what I left behind

There ain’t no reason, ain’t no rhyme
I tried to tell you babe, but there ain’t no time
I keep running in circles, just to stay between the lines


I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’ve been
Down to the bottom and back up again
The time is never right but it’s too late to turn back now

Now it’s flyin’ planes, and rented cars
Cheap hotels, hangin’ out in bars
Post cards that say hope to see you soon

But I gotta keep pushin’, no time for rest
Gotta keep on moving, gotta pass the test
With a little bit of luck I’ll be home by June